About Us


Samantha started Pink Cash Budgeting because she knew at an early age that she wanted to be someone that made a difference “she believed she could, so she did.” She started with her creative inspirational products with a vision to inspire and motivate everyone around her and across the globe. Throughout the years life circumstances and derails have stopped her for pursuing her dreams but The COVID pandemic allowed her to quickly realize that her dreams are meant to be pursued no matter what life throughs her way.

That’s why after loosing her job in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, she decided that she had to follow her dreams relentlessly no matter comes her way. 

Along the way, she opened a Not-for- Profit organization "ARMEINC" that seeks to empower, motivate and inspire. She then started a business in finances and budgeting to help people like her self get-out of debt and save for emergency like the COVID pandemic. 

Our main goal for Just Inspire Pink is to inspire and empower women, men and children to think of themselves as a royal masterpiece and allow “God’s Divine” purpose to be their driving force in creating a massive impact in their life’s and in their community.

In addition, Pink Cash Budgeting creates a proven system that allows individuals to live on their current income and still be able to meet all their financial goals. Thus, we've created budgeting tools that is geared towards financial success. 

These handmade crafts are set to inspire and uplift the community and the world to be courageous in the face of financial challenges and setbacks. We believe that our crafts are made to build and not pull down, to bring to life and not to steal joy, to create and not destroy.

Samantha's dedication to the Lord and determination in fulfilling his purpose has enlightened her perspectives in understanding that in order for her to carry-out such a task she must always “leave a sparkle wherever she goes”.


Happy Saving, Butterflies.